Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Which Is Better For You?

I get asked this question a lot:  Elite Marketing Pro or My Lead System Pro, which is better?  Since I am a current member and have teams in both systems, I feel very qualified to answer this question, especially from the viewpoint of a Part Time Marketer.

As a Part Time Marketing Coach, I strongly advise my students to consider joining an Attraction Marketing System to automate many of the moving parts of a successful business.  There’s just not enough time in the day to do it all yourself, especially if you’re Part Time.


Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro:  Let’s Compare

Below, I’ve compared Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) and My Lead System Pro (MLSP) in several categories, including Easy To Get Started, Training, Leadership, Community, Lead Generation and Affiliate Income, and Cost.

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Easy To Get Started?

When you have large automated systems such as EMP and MLSP, a concern is always how EASY it will be to get started.  So let’s look at this.

Ironically, both EMP and MLSP offers a 5-Step Start Up module that new members are directed to as soon as they sign up.

Both systems offer video trainings for easily setting up their system, getting their affiliate links, and generating their first leads. In addition, both EMP and MLSP offers a free coaching session to answer any Getting Started questions.

I would say that both EMP and MLSP have done a great job at simplifying the start up process.  A new member can literally go from sign up to generating the first lead within a 24-48 hours if not sooner.

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Training

Both EMP and MLSP offer extensive and superior training to members and to their guests (used as  method of generating leads).

MLSP has offered a Free Wednesday Weekly Training for several years, done by many of the top leaders in the Online Marketing industry.  They also offer a Monday training and Tuesday leader hangout at the time I’m writing this post. The recordings of the latest 3 trainings are available in the back office for reference.

The entire training library (an amazing resource consisting of top trainings over several years) is available to Mastery Members (their highest membership level), but not to the entire community.

Elite Marketing Pro offers regular training, as well, although not on a prescheduled basis.  Of note, all EMP members are given a free subscription to What’s Working Now, one of the top monthly training publications in our Industry.  Every member has access to the extensive WWN library.

In this category, I might give a slight advantage to My Lead System Pro for the extent of their weekly training, although with the inclusion of WWN in their membership, EMP is closing the gap quickly.  For the beginning marketer, EMP might be a better deal for this reason alone.


Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Leadership

Frankly speaking, the leadership of both programs shine brightly.  Many of the top marketers in our industry have at one point come through either MLSP or EMP (formerly Magnetic Sponsoring).  The leaders are engaged with the community and offer free trainings for members (as cited above).

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Community

Both systems offer an engaging and supportive Community on Facebook.  MLSP has taken it a step further with the introduction of their own Community Platform, although at this time it’s not as extensively used as it could be.  That may change in the future.

I have found the Support Staff of each program to be amazing.  They answer questions quickly and have thorough followup.

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Lead Generation

When it comes to generating leads, these two systems are among the best in the Industry.  Both Elite Marketing Pro and My Lead System Pro offer high quality, free training that members can offer to their prospects who opt in (and thus become a lead).

Built in and highly converting Lead Capture Pages are included with both memberships. Both EMP and MLSP allows it’s members to integrate their own autoresponders, effectively building their own lists.

Elite Marketing Pro offers all members a free blogging platform that is easy to use and a great lead generation tool.  MLSP does not offer a blogging platform at this time.

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Affiliate Income Potential

Both Elite Marketing Pro and My Lead System Pro offer several paid trainings and products through which their members can get paid affiliate income should a prospect purchase the training.  At the lower levels of membership, a 30-40% commission level is usual.

Both EMP and MLSP offer members at higher membership levels members the ability to generate 100% commissions on most sales.

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Cost

Elite Marketing Pro offers 2 main membership levels:  Monthly and Annual  The cost of the monthly membership at the time of this posting is $47/ month with a $7 trial available.  The Annual membership is a one time investment of $297 and includes 100% commission on EMP’s Flagship product, Attraction Marketing Formula. An additional level (VIP) is available to EMP members and includes access to more trainings and 100% commissions on all of the EMP products.

My Lead System Pro also offers 2 membership levels.  It’s University Level of membership is $49/month and gives it members 30-40% commissions on sales of it’s products and services.  The higher level (Mastery) costs $149/month and provides its members with access to more trainings and 100% commissions on many of it’s products and services.  There is also a yearly membership option.

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: The Difference Maker?

Elite Marketing Pro and My Lead System Pro have very different Affiliate Commission policies that can dramatically effect the income of it’s members. MLSP has adopted a “linked for life” affiliate policy, which basically means that when you sign up a new member, anything that person purchases (trainings, products, services) through MLSP is paid to the referring affiliate.

EMP has a “last touch” affiliate policy meaning that the member who’s link is clicked right before purchase is awarded the sale. In both cases, initial and monthly membership fees are always paid to the referring member.

Here’s my take on the different affiliate policies: “Linked for life” benefits lazy marketers and those with very big teams, who will make money on a product/service launch whether they promote it or not.

A “last touch” policy seems much more fair to me, in that it rewards those affiliates who do the work and learn how to promote effectively.  If you have a small team (especially if you are new), you can make a lot more money with the “last touch” affiliate policy.

For this reason alone, I have been steering new members towards Elite Marketing Pro.

Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro:  More Information

Elite Marketing Pro and My Lead System Pro are Attraction/Affiliate Marketing Systems of very high quality and I am proud to be affiliated with both. At this time, I believe Elite Marketing Pro is a better alternative for new and less experienced marketers for the reasons cited above, but surely members of both communities continue to thrive.

You should check out Elite Marketing Pro and My Lead System Pro, do your due diligence and decide which is best for you.

2 thoughts on “Elite Marketing Pro vs. My Lead System Pro: Which Is Better For You?

  1. JD

    Hi Bob,

    Great post! But you say, “An additional level (VIP) is available to EMP members and includes access to more trainings and 100% commissions on all of the EMP products.” But what’s the cost of that?

    Also when MLSP went “linked for life”, I remember you touting it as that’s the way it should be. Why the switch?

    Love your stuff,


    1. rbrc200 Post author

      Hey JD, you’re absolutely right. My first take on the Linked For Life strategy was positive. To be honest, it was mostly a reflection of this — I was coming from a Lack Mentality. Just being 100% honest. Having thoughts of others “stealing” my sales resulted me to think that “linked for life” was a great policy. But as I grew as a marketer and as my mindset changed to more of an abundance mentality, I came to understand that people don’t “steal” sales, they work for them. If you’re being active and promoting consistently, you should be rewarded.

      Once I saw Linked for Life in action, my view changed as well. I saw new marketers who learned how to promote losing sales to established leaders with big teams who weren’t even promoting. It was crazy and I watched it really discourage new folks. Not the way to go, I’ve come to believe. Hope this makes sense of my change in philosophy. Great to hear from you!


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