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sand-timerThe problem with staying in your comfort zone is it doesn’t hurt and may even feel good, but it never ever gets you to your goals!

Are you growing or dying you can only do one, this is the danger of the comfort zone.
Many people are not happy with their life, but will deny it.

Bob Proctor says: “The average person tiptoes through life hoping they make it safely to death.”

Fear affects relationships and hinders your progress.

Personal development is key to helping you unlock your, 'Why' and get out of your comfort zone.

Are you wasting time?

What have you left undone?

Are you where you were last year or even 5 years ago?

2016 is around the corner, what are your doing to change your life, you are the author of your own life and the director of your own movie.

Stop wasting time, you need to attend seminars, webinars and read books.
You need to get uncomfortable and decide what you are going to do right now.

If you want different results, do things differently.

The time is now, be fruitful and multiply, your network is your net worth. Surround yourself with people who have goals, who are stepping out of their comfort zone who motivate and inspire you. You can either create or disintegrate, what do you chose?

badge-ignitionWhat do you have to offer the world? What is your ‘Why’ and your ‘Passion’. If you want or need business inspiration, then follow the link to get the coaching and mentoring you need as you aspire to succeed and explode your business when you click the link here: Ignition Coaching


Check out the Talk/Presentation - THE DANGER OF A COMFORT ZONE - Whats your story for 2016?By  Samuell Benta on Monday, December 28, 2015

Or go directly to the video on Youtube here: THE DANGER OF A COMFORT ZONE - Whats your story for 2016?

The Road to Success Is Personal Development
90 Day Day Income Challenge

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